Strawberry Cinnanana

thats what i call my new shake that i just made lol

2 tsp bee pollen, almond milk, 1 tbsp flax seeds, 1 tsp wheat grass powder, organic strawberries, a banana, cinnamon, 1 tsp agave nectarΒ 

it’s pretty sweet compare to other’s i’ve made, if i had any spinach or kale right now i would have thrown that in. maybe next timeΒ 

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This morning I had a shake for breakfast with organic bee pollen, flax seeds, organic cocoa powder, organic goji berries, organic wheatgrass, almond milk, a handful of “organic mixed greens with herbs” and a banana. It was really good and energizing- I’d post a picture but 1. I drank it 3 hours ago and 2. It didn’t look very appetizing anyways. I got the idea from a shake recipe Miranda Kerr uses, just substituted some ingredients with my own.

organic shake breakfast healthy natural health

10 Great Reasons You Should be Using Coconut Oil!

I just bought a jar of coconut oil! I’m going to use it for cooking, oil pulling, my hair, my skin.. it’s amazing stuff 😍

coconut oil healthy