"Freshly made raw vegetable juices are vital to repair the damage in fatty liver. The correct juice recipes will repair the liver, stimulate the detoxification pathways in the liver and improve the fat burning capability of the liver."
- Dr. Sandra Cabot

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Juice Fast

Yesterday I started a juice fast, Idk how long I’m going to do it just gonna see how long I can handle it. Juicing has extreme health benefits, juice feasting has even cured diseases like cancer. My liver hurts everyday, thanks to the damage from all my treatment drugs, so I figure it could use a serious break, along with the rest of my digestive system..Β 


Day 1: pretty easy, drank about 4 cups of juices all different combinations of fruits/veggies. i didn’t have an appetite for solid food and i wasn’t hungry at all. thinking this is going to be a piece of cake πŸ‘

Day 2: not. i’m exhausted. can’t believe it’s hitting me this hard already. for having the biggest sweet tooth ever, i’m shocked that i already lost my appetite for juice. especially since it’s so good. i started craving salty foods, grilled cheese and french fries is specifically what comes to mind.. and i’m starving. i went to the gym this morning but i’ve basically been in bed for the rest of the day. i so badly want to eat a real dinner, but i know i’m going to be so upset with myself. i’m starting to think that i should have weened myself off of food, like replaced a meal with juice each day until i was just juicing.. we’ll see what happens tonight. πŸ˜ͺ

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