A message I posted for my sisters on Facebook…

It’s short and simple and gets the point across. And instantly, the likes and comments came pouring in and I sat at my computer in tears. Talking about being sick is not that hard when its brief, but when I sit down and write about it from the beginning and replay everything that happened that was 100% PREVENTABLE, it breaks me down. So even though today is a great day, it seems to be one of the hardest for me as well. Anyways, here’s what i wrote to my Aβˆ†βˆ sisters and what I’ll share with you.Β 

As you may or may not know, today is the start of LYME DISEASE AWARENESS MONTH! I would seriously really appreciate if you could just take a few mins to read this/watch this video, I promise it may save your life or the life of someone you know. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is most often transmitted by a tick bite and has the potential to infect every system of your body. As you also may not know, I have been battling chronic neurological Lyme disease for the past 6 years. During the first 4 years I was continuously misdiagnosed by over 14 doctors, accused of making up my symptoms for attention and ultimately sent to a therapist due to my β€œpsychosomatic disorder”. It wasn’t until my freshman year of collegeΒ when I became so neurologically disabled that I failed every class and had to drop out of school. This is when I finally, and unfortunately a few years too late, was diagnosed with Lyme disease and 2 other tick-borne infections. I have undergone 4 operations, 2 years of antibiotics and months of intravenous therapy with little improvement. The physical, mental and emotional ailments have been so disabling that at times I didn’t even want to be alive anymore, and that is by far the most devastating emotion I have ever experienced. If you or someone you know gets bit by a tick, please get checked out- If you experience symptoms and your tests come back negative (like mine multiple times), find a Lyme specialist- If you think you have Lyme disease or any other tick-borne infection, do NOT take NO for an answer. Although it is sometimes very difficult for me to share my story, I want to do whatever it takes to make sure no one else has to go through this, especially my sisters. If you took the time to read this THANK YOU and please be careful, because 2012 is predicted to be the worst year yet for the spread of Lyme disease. I love you all β™₯Β http://youtu.be/sxWgS0XLVqw

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